Cold as Ice mit CS:GO Team

18.09.2012 08:29

In der Zeit um 2008, war das Team auf vielen schwedischen Lans vertreten und nach ihrem Verschwinden, haben sie heute ihr neues Lineup bekannt gegeben, darunter ehemalige ICSU Spieler wie Mikail „eksem“ Bill oder Mahyar „Noodles“ Samadi.

Mikail „eksem“ Bill ├Ąu├čert sich wie es zu dem neuen Team kam:

Everything began when I played a lot of CS:GO gathers with lurkz like 1 month ago,“ Bill told „We played a whole lot of gathers with each other and we enjoyed to play together.

„Then the night before I was supposed to move from my city to another one I asked him where he was living and he told me that he lives in the city I was moving to.

„So we asked three other guys from the same city if they wanted to play CS:GO in a team and everybody was positive about it and we began to play.

Lineup Cold as Ice:

Flagge Mikail „eksem“ Bill
Flagge Mahyar „Noodles“ Samadi
Flagge Stefan „nibble“ W├ąrd
Flagge Filip „lurkz“ ├ůkerstrand
Flagge Joel „honkaz“ Honkanen